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    The Sprung Structure is Going Up!

    Saturday, December 3, 2022

    Mountain Home, Idaho, Dec 3, 2022 - Progress on the Aquatic Center continues as crews ready themselves to raise the roof over the pools and concrete pad.  Erecting the Tension Membrane Structure will complete phase III of construction and is manufactured in Canada and assembled locally.  At 65 feet tall, the Aquatic Center will provide a visible footprint and add to Mountain Home's skyline.

    Warning:  The next paragraph is boring so you can simply watch this video to see Sprung in action:
    Case Studies & Success Story Gallery - Projects - Sprung

    The Sprung Structure consists of an aluminum rails that arc overthe entire width of the Aquatic center and are anchored to the concrete footings on each side.  As each rail is hoisted into place with a crane, horizontal supports are attached and creates a grid for load-bearing support.  The membrane and insallation roses are pulled into tracks on each side of the rail creating a seamless and waterproof barrier.  Lastly, the horizontal beams are expanded, strectching the membrane, and tightened down.  The tension created by the membrane provides the structural stability needed to sustain sheer forces, and vertical load.

    What does this mean?  The Sprung Stracture will be around for many years to come and provide nearly a maintenance free, cost-effective, attractive, and durable home for indoor aquatic activities for years to come!  

    Construction on the exterior is planned for 52-days.  The Recreation Foundation of Elmore County, Inc. is excited to be part of this phase of construction through the Grand 100 Club fundraising effort.  We have an open challenge to 100 Individuals to donate $1,000 to help us Raise the Roof on the Aquatic Center.  The RFEC has raised approximately half of thier goal and would like to finish this campaign before the close of this construction phase.

    Donations are accepted through Venmo @rfecidaho, through this Web site, or by sending a check to the RFEC.  Thank you for all of your support!

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